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G55vw's temperature after fixing it

Hello there,I noticed that after giving back my G55vw into one of Asus's service centers that my temperatures is out of control. A quick round of gaming could sent the CPU up to 100 degrees celcius...while the GPU sits at 80 degrees at most. I am rea...

Upgrade to Windows 10?

Hello,I've seen a lot of people saying they have issues with updating to Windows 10 with drivers, things now working, etc. So I'm wonderingif there's a list of things that are unworking on Windows 10 related to my G751 such as drivers, software, etc....

Ridge by Level 7
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g551jw random bios screen

Hey guys,Just got my new asus g551jw 960m laptop, and about 5 days ago i made the bios udate from version 202(i think) to 207.There were no problems until today when i left my laptop open and went in town, and when i got back he was in the bios menu ...

Inaccessible boot device

I have a ASUS G75VW that upgraded to Windows 10. I then did a restore to get my laptop back to a clean slate. But after it was done and went to reboot it keeps looping a screen that says "Inaccessible Boot Device". I've tried to boot into safe mode b...

G750jx wired ethernet card not responding (bios config?)

Hey folks!Want to know if something on the BIOS causes that the WIRED ETHERNET CARD meaning the Rj45 causes that it doesnt respond. Very curious since the wireless does great but having issues with the RJ45 card Just asking if it is something on the...

EAARDF by Level 7
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Nvidia BETA - G751 shadow playbutton

I have updated to NVidia 355.98 BETA and with this comes an built-in overlay with a game recorder.And due to this, I no longer see the shadowplay settings menu on Geforce experience and perhaps have been replaced to SHAREDoes this mean, the shadowpla...

Zaedric by Level 8
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Asus G751JT-T7012H ssd/hdd upgrade questions

Hello to all of you.Few days ago i ordered this notebook im loving it so far but sometimes when i do more tasks at ones and they are not even demandin it freezes for few secs and it says 99-100% of disk is being used so i have been thinking if i coul...

Asus g551jw Driver_power_state_failure BSOD

Hey guys, i have a problem with my new asus g551jw. It's a BSOD "Driver_power_state_failure" This laptop has windows 8.1 single language as default. I searched for some solution trying to configure energy options and the problem persists.I updated ...

clarke by Level 7
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