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Let's sue ASUS for selling faulty G751JY units

Does anybody know if it is possible to sue ASUS for selling units that are known to be faulty like the G751JY with the known sound crackling problem and the left USB ports not having enough power for external HDD drives to work?

flydutch by Level 7
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Game Advice? 751jt-dh72

What kind of games can my system run with a gt970m and a 4710hq with turbo boost at 3.5ghz. I use "Can I run it" and half the games I run on my system now including "the witcher 3" "can I run it" says my computer is not strong enough. Bottle necking ...

G750JZ Gputweak fan speed not working

Hi forum,I made a clean install (W10). I installed all drivers and programs (smart gesture, charge plus, .......) and everything work good except for "Run gpu fan on full speed" in Gputweak ( I upgrade W8.1 -> W10 it was working normally...

Ryukiri by Level 7
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G750JW - Laptop shutting down by itself

Hello guys, I have been using G750JW for about a year now. I came to this problem recently that my G750JW keeps randomly shutting down by itself when I am searching through the web or watching a movie and etc... This problem only occur when my charge...

panda1 by Level 7
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main panel lifting?

hi. so I just got this machine and only swapped out the drive and put a ssd in. I noticed before and after this is a slight grove to the right of the mouse pad, and also where the airplane and lock logo are under the right mouse button. kind of like ...

Dodgers by Level 7
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Asus G751JT - Sudden extreme framedrops in games?

Hey there Community. Today i wanted to play some Call of Duty Advanced Warfare on my G751JT and it worked fine - Always around 90 and 120 FPS on "Optimal Settings" according to the Ingame "We set the best settings for your PC"-Option. So far so good,...

Furnova by Level 7
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G55vw not booting

So I had my computer on (Asus g55vw running win 10) and I got the unexpected_store_exception error with the sad face and my computer restarted. It got past the Asus boot logo and then went into bios, so I exited bios and it just went right back in. I...