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Asus G751JT - Sudden extreme framedrops in games?

Hey there Community. Today i wanted to play some Call of Duty Advanced Warfare on my G751JT and it worked fine - Always around 90 and 120 FPS on "Optimal Settings" according to the Ingame "We set the best settings for your PC"-Option. So far so good,...

Furnova by Level 7
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G55vw not booting

So I had my computer on (Asus g55vw running win 10) and I got the unexpected_store_exception error with the sad face and my computer restarted. It got past the Asus boot logo and then went into bios, so I exited bios and it just went right back in. I...

Spec Detailed: G750JX, G750JW, G750JH don't copy and paste into vB that easily so please see the link above. For those looking for *the best* model - you'll want the JH, which will be...

X-ROG by Level 15
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G751JT Overclocking the 970M [help]

Did a search and saw a whole lot of mixed results. Even watched a few youtube videos on guys pushing +135 and +500. I don't want to flash an experiment VBIOS on my laptop to start. Just simple msi afterburner is good enough for me. However I keep see...

[NEED HELP] G750 JM Can't install operating system

The other day I was on my laptop when it crashed and then wouldn't boot up because system 32 had been deleted or it was missing. I'm not quite sure how it happened because I never messed with it. I ended up trying to install a different OS because my...

g53 460m Vbios upgrade?

I got a g53 460m bios version - A1. what is the latest bios for this card? is it 70.06.3B.00.08, A02 from Dell? I upgrade it?thanks

spamme by Level 7
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Touchpad issues anyone? ROG G751jl

I have my ROG G751jl for about 2 months. touchpad used to work. shortly after my laptop took a very slight fall, the touchpad is useabel but i cannot click using the buttons or the touchpad itself. i opened up the beast and i all connections fo/from ...

moola by Level 7
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G751jt bios 210 upgrade question.

Hello everyone. I just purchased the g751jt yesterday and was wondering if it's worth upgrading the bios from 207 to 210? The support site does not show much detail for the 210 version. Thanks in advance P.S : runs a lot cooler and better then the ms...