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G751JT-T7095H partitions are iriitating

Hello,I wanted to install Ubuntu on my ASUS ROG G751JT-T7095H, but i get confused when i should choose the partition for Ubuntu.I've got a 256 GB SSD and a 1 TB HDD. Now, when i must choose the partition for Linux ( i wanna have a dual-boot with Win1...

Custom Speakers or Replacment Speaker options for the G751

I recieved yet another message today about custom speakers for the g751. Awhile ago i meantioned that we replaced some of the office g751 speakers with 1 inch drivers for improved sound. They do sound better more clear and crisp but there are limit...

aeolisio by Level 10
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Asus G751J lights up then turns off

We bought this laptop a few months ago and have only used it two or three times. Last night the laptop was working fine. This morning when I tried to turn it on, the lights came on and then it shut off. I tried to hold the power button down for 30...

G751JY Slow Boot after upgrade to WIn10

DearsGreetings ,, i upgrade to Win10 lately , but booting time is not like in WIn8.1 , it take time to boot i have SSD PCIE256 GB but it still slow , any way to make it faster ?also underneath the PCIE SSD there is a place to place a SSD 2.5 , can i...

TurkROG by Level 7
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new g551 5ghz wifi playing up

am very happy with my new asus g551 laptop except that sometimes windows does not see my 5ghz wifi router and only sees the 2.4ghz band. any ideas ?

mjr001 by Level 7
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Asus G73jh Graphics Card Replacement Options

Hey guys, new poster here. I am using a G73jh which was my brothers bought new around 2010. He now upgraded so gave me this one.The machine has some problems from the aspect that it occasionally freezes and other small glitches. Also some graphical g...

G551JM - Unable to change screen brightness in w10

I know there are a lot of similar case with me but trust me, i have went through all the possible solutions that I have came across but none of them solve my eye discomfort situation.So let me share again my problem here and what I have done in order...

XsplaX by Level 7
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