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G751JY FPS problems with various games

I have strange fps drops(slight freezes) with different games.These are my laptop specs:Proseccor: i7-4720HQGPU: Geforce GTX 980M, driver version 353.62Memory 8+8 Gigs (8 originally, another 8 gigs added in store)Hard drive: 1 tb Hdd + 256 ssdI have ...

ASUS Backtracker fails to recognize USB drive - FIxed

Giving back some to the web Using the latest version backtracker, which is 309 on windows 10 on a ASUS Q501L laptopI created the OS recovery USB drive with no problems.But when I tried to create the DRIVERS recovery USB, backtracker did not see my"4G...

JoMama by Level 7
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HDMI port not working after updating videodrivers

Hey whatsup peoples. Yesterday i updated my Nvidia driver from the asus site (G750JX with GTX 770m).It worked great at home when i plugged in HDMI. But then in the evening i went to a mate. Plugged HDMI in and now the Laptop wont recognize HDMI i put...

BlapX by Level 7
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upgrading cpu in my G55VW notebook

I have this cpu 3610QMwant 3840QMbut, here: 3840m ha...

Dymblos by Level 7
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Asus G750JX Onboard Mic issues

Hey guys,I've had my Asus g750 JX for about 3 months now. I've been using the onboard microphone jack for steam and other social games. No problem until yesterday.Mic would not receive sound anymore. The device was still visible in Manage audio devic...

Elantech touchpad: Right + Left click doesn't work

This is very common problem and till yet unresolved. The Elantech driver disables right button + left button touchpad click. In the result you cannot aim and shoot in games also you cannot code that kind of interaction in your applications.Driver det...

Setoku by Level 8
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Dynamic Super Resolution

After installing new nVidia driver, I was noticed that I can change resolution (in nvidia control panel) to 2715x1527 (2.00x). Can anyone tell me what this means (2.00x) and does anybody have the same resolution options in Windows 10. Laptop is G751J...

Seth76 by Level 7
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Asus G751JY Steam and Origin Download problems.

Hello all!My first post here, but this is my third ROG and for the first time I have a problem with it that i can't seem to solve myself.When i download games from Origin or Steam my speed gets really slow, from 200kb/s to about 2mb/s. My connection ...