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tRC 208 (!) clock cycles after upgrading my G750JX

Hi,after a long time of undecidedness, i finally got myself an additional pair or RAMs for my good old G750JX.I bought RAMs with exactly the same specs like the 2x4GB ones already in it.. DDR3L-1600, CL11, 11 ,11, 11, 28, 39.all 4 sockets report thes...

Possible to Power on G751 JT with USB Keyboard?

Hello. This days I gonna buy a Samsung TV UHD and I want to use it as I was thinking.. if there is any way I can power on my notebook from USB keyboard? I know I could use wake up feature...I want to power on because I was thinking on cl...

Upgrade G751JT DVD to BlueRay?

Hello all,I am happy to own a new ROG G751JT-DB73. After a few hiccups and an upgrade to windows 10, this thing is awesome.I would like to replace the DVD player with a BlueRay player instead.To keep it all compact and portable, I don't want an exte...

Ausaar by Level 7
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G752VT-RH71 PCIe NVMe raid issues

Hi Guys,Picked up a new Asus G752VT-RH71 on Saturday. Also bought 2 new Samsung 950Pro NVMe SSD's with hopes of running RAID0.I spent over 6 total hours tweaking BIOS, and on the phone with ASUS Tech Support, however couldnt get the laptop to allow ...

ssfan by Level 7
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G750JW head twister! - mobo replacement issues

Hey guys! So about a year ago I had some big problems with my g750, long story short I just got me a new mobo to fix the broken lcd socket on my old board. So I got the new board installed, turned it on....and no display on screen or HD he...

Asus G752VL upgrades

Ok so a week ago I got the asus g752vl from best buy. I like the laptop but there are some area's I want to upgrade. Two of the areas are pretty simple I know (adding an SSD and going from 12gbs ram to 32gbs of ram) the one I'm not sure about is the ...

G752 Thunderbolt 3, only 20 Gbit/s ?

hi, im idan and im thinking to buy the G752 and i have 2 questions:on the G752 page its says that it support TB3 and 20 Gbit/s (TB3 should be 40 Gbit/s)1. is it a typo on the site or its only support the connector of TB3 with the speed of TB2 ?2. dos...