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Asus G750JS Boot logo file needed

Hi, Can anyone may send me the bootres.dll file located in C:\Windows\Boot\Resources. Of course the question is directed to people who have original asus oem version of windows 8.Thanks

kemot by Level 7
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New (?) G751 missing default preinstalls

I posted this over at Notebookforum, but I thought this was a better place for my question.Yesterday, I went out and bought a G751JY-DB72 as an upgrade from my five-year-old G73JH.The system in question was an open box, which means I got a 5% discoun...

truth999 by Level 8
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G752 with windows 7 ?

I just got my G752 and after 3 days I have come to the comculsion that I do not like win10 at all and would like to either install 7 or 8. (At least with 8 I can make it looks and feel like 7)So my question is, are drivers even available? The asus ...

hosedup by Level 7
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g73 motherboard to lan & audio connector removal, how?

I need to remove the two connectors, one from the motherboard to audio and the other from motherboard to LAN. they are the only all metal connectors on the board and have shielded cables, both marked 01PA. not sure if I need to lift, pull from the ...

tombj by Level 7
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Memory and temperature problems (G751JY)

hi guys,so i've got 4860HQ, 8GB RAM, 980M 4GB,rog g751jy laptop.when i play games normally my temperatures run around 70~75ish under load with cpu and gpu less i think.Now the problem is next:when i bought laptop (almost a year ago) - it's temperatur...

G750JW Windows Crash issue

Generally I can fix issues myself, but I am at my wit's end. So randomly (once a day or so) anything to do with Windows crashes, usually after a period of inactivity, but not always, sometimes it happens while I am in a game. Hitting the taskbar to p...

Stevonzo by Level 7
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