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Where to download ASUS Recovery IMAGE GL553

Where can I download the Recovery Image for an ASUS GL 553?My ASUS GL553 died on me after 4 years of working perfectly. It would not boot from any device, however, it logs into BIOS with no problem.Right after the ASUS logo appears, the computers shu...

Asus ROG G752VL microphone problem...

So I have ASUS ROG G752VL laptop with Realtek ALC668 audio chip and OS Windows 10 pro x64 .On internal and external (jack plug) microphone, when voice volume reaches approx. 70% microphone sound is normal, when bellow that, it lowers to fixed volume ...

G751JY Battery Replacement Recommendation

Hello,It's been few months since my G751JY battery kicked the bucket (Turns off as soon as I plug it off). Been looking for good replacements, but all of the reviews are pretty much mixed. Do you have any recommendations to where I can get quality on...

Help - Unresponsive Clicking on Taskbar & Alt+Tab

Hi Everyone,I've been encountering some issues with clicking my mouse buttons or the touchpad on sporadic occasions with my G53SX laptop. Basically, clicking stops working on the taskbar and for application switching (i.e. Alt+Tab). This happens rand...

Omega3k by Level 7
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G751JT with dead battery - weird issue after re-install

I have a G751JT where the battery has been dead for some time. It works fine using the power cord as long as anything related to sleep mode/hibernation is disabled. Recently I had do to a total restore (using recovery disk) and after that there's a w...

Hard CMOS Reset Solution - For dead G75VW

My laptop failed to boot about a weeks ago after a failed Windows update, no display, power and num-lock lights only, nothing when I hit ESC-key or F9. I had tried everything including disassembling the unit to expose the motherboard underneath the ...

tkolarik by Level 9
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Asus G752 low audio volume issue.

Hoi!So, my fourth Asus ROG machine Asus g752!****e me its awsome!But I have one issue, and thats with low audio. At windows max (100%) audio, and programs at 100% the audio isnt very loud. Its like my asus g750 at 40%Anyone else have this issue?