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G551JW driver fail

This is something I think you guys are going to hear more of in the coming weeks. NVidia's driver update has completely caused a fail on ALL laptops that have a GTX 860m graphics card. Although the majority of the hundreds of complaints I have read h...

G751jy internet became slow

I had to reintall windows which means that now I have installed new drivers for windows 10.I noticed problem with internet.For example videos on youtube start to load but stop in the middle,sometimes they continue till the end and sometimes it just c...

750 unable to update gfx chip

a few days ago i noticed some issues regarding my pc always going into hibernation mode when i had set it to sleep, recently i check it and sleep, is completely removed from the list of options in both pressing the sleep button or power option, the ...

11770 by Level 7
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Upgdating Bios during Mobo Switch?

Hey guys! So the saga $600 deep in my quest to fix my G750, I'm pretty well to the point where I could have just bought a used one...never the less.So here it is, I got everything working except the screen. It works but it's white. I ...

Asus ROG G550JK Normal Temperature?

Hi,I recently purchased Asus ROG G550JK laptop, and I'm really satisfied by it's hardware and quality.I only have one concern, I'm not sure if my laptop is overheating more than it should.I used HWiNFO and HWMonitor to take some logs and statistics o...

G55 - JW help on adding an SSD to already existing HDD

Hi guys. Im new here and i just got a G551JW with 1TB hdd only. I also bought a Samsung 256SSD to add, and move the HDD to the ODD. I read some articles on how to clone the OS, but im a bit confused on the process, specifically with when to connect t...

tassos by Level 7
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