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Audio Jack problem

friendsyesterday when i try to plug the headphone in g750jx i was unable to plug in as something is interrupting it to going in, i try to watch what is in it but nothing found, i thought to visit the service center but Indian service center are total...

Asus G751JL burning smell

Hey guys, so yesterday i was working with my laptop and suddenly i noticed burning plastic smell. I freaked out and swiched of my laptop. When i wanted to turn it on again, i press the button but the screen is black, i moved a bit my lid and then it ...

Karl_0 by Level 7
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My G752VT is on its way what can i expect?

Yesterday i got info that my G752VT is on its way to me right now. What can i expect from my G74S. I could have choosen the higer model but i really think it is way to much money (580USD) for a few better fps in 3d gaming. The VT model what i heard h...

Upgrading G751JY-WH71(WX)

So I just purchased the G751JY-WH71(WX) as you may have seen in two other posts :). I have a question about upgradeability on this model for Ram and HDD.I see the Ram needs to be the DDR3L 1600, and that you can push it up to 32GB. But, can you put i...

cuniac by Level 7
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Fast Boot problem / ROG logo downscaled

Hi, I got a problem with the Fast Boot option, i can't enable it after my recent reinstall of W10 (there is no boot option if i enable Fast Boot and if i reboot, it reboot on the BIOS)BTW when i enable CSM everything is OK but i got a downscaled ROG ...

Hourri by Level 7
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Advice needed please

Anyone use the g751jt t7250h How does it perform? My son needs a new laptop for uni and I can get one at a reasonable price.Thx

G75VW-DS72 right fan/cooler fixing noise/replacement

Hi guys, could you please help me in finding solution to my problem? The right fan started to buzz like crazy. I know how the laptop should be heard when it works, when it's idle and when it processes heavy stuff. I know how does it sound if everythi...

fazaa_66 by Level 7
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New G75VW Battery Conditioning?

Howdy. I just bought a new battery for my G75VW and I was wondering if there is any recommended technique to "conditioning" the battery before/during first use? I've read there are different schools of thought on this and I'd love to get some opini...