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I'm desperdate here I recently flashed by bios foy my gtx 860m card. Using the G751JM notebook. And it failed. I can still login and get to the desktop but gaming is impossible, also it causes the nvidia drvers to fail instantly. I did have a backup ...

G752VY-RH71 vs other models?

Just out of curiosity not sure if anyone's knows the actual answer. But I've noticed that the G752VY-RH71 has the same details as the G752VT series. What I mean is that the vents in the back also black and not orange. Am I correct or they just need t...

G55 WiFi Upgrade

The stock one is just horrid to the point it doesn't work with my Comcast router... Any successes replacing them? Recommendations?

GarretG by Level 7
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Help to find the right monitor parts for Asus G550JK

I have a dent in my monitor (photo attached), and I am not sure whether the damage is purely cosmetic but I do think it's safe to assume. I am looking for parts in order to replace the monitor (cap and frame) and wanted to ask which Asus models have ...

Upgrade G551JW SSD Disk !

Hi i saw some pictures in google showing the SSD hardisk inside this model ,So i decided to upgrade it to 256GB instead of 22GB .What kind of SSD hardisk is that exactly because it looks like its integrated with motherboard --" . Any ideas ?

[Asus G751JY] No sound on Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon

Model: Asus G751JYI am trying to make sound working on Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon but with no effect. Currently I've got no sound either from speakers or through the headphones. I've already installed pavucontrol and alsamixer but with no effect. Was a...

Karzmu by Level 7
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G751: Using M.2 plus 1st SATA bay

Hi everyone.I would just like to ask if someone has already experiences in using M.2 SSD and a 1st bay SSD.The reason I ask are the following thoughts:A friend of mine wanted to upgrade an very old Notebook with a SATA-SSD. He was excited and ordered...

bululu by Level 7
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Hello,Old discussion.Give your opinion. I still use the latest from NVIDIA but sometimes I have crashes and FPS drops. Will the windows 10 x64 ASUS driver for graphic cards solve this issue?What is the main difference between the two?~There is any ad...