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G752 combo audio jack

From the specification on ASUS site i can see G752 has something called "1 x COMBO audio jack", and I have a HUGE CONCERN about this particular part.Has anyoone from G752 owners tried using some headphones already? Does someone have an info about wha...

Upgrading the Primary HDD in G73SW; Questions!

I am preparing to upgrade the primary hard drive and add a second internal hard drive to my G73SW.Currently, it has the pre-installed 500 GB drive in there, and I want to do the following:1. Replace it with a 1TB drive.2. Add a second 1TB drive to ...

Banshee by Level 8
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G751JL help and advice please

G751JL: i7-4720HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.59 GHz8GB Ram1TB HDDGTX 965Came with Windows 10 64bit. Hey so I'm hoping to get some advice on what kind of things I can/should do to my laptop. I am a gamer so I want the best performance I can get out of it without...

Headgas by Level 7
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Can the following SSD be used on the G752?

Can the following SSD be used on the G752? to me that since it uses PCIe, it should work. Thoughts? Yes, I also do know of the other SSD issues people are having but I am trying to confirm if this drive is viab...

DAI - Direct X 11 Is Extremely Horrible !

hi Seriously all the new generation games running DX11 are garbage for nothing special ... Dragon age inquisition is completely unplayable in my G551JW , Because DX11 is draining GPU & CPU usage very quickly !! . Actually i don't see any differences...

Questions for G751J gaming laptop

Alright so I have a few things to ask about. First how do I get the num lock button to work so I can use the number pad? What all can I do to get more performance out of it. I turned on all 8 cores and did the performance setting in the battery. But ...

Headgas by Level 7
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