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SSD Install = Higher CPU Temps?

Finally got around to installing a new Samsung 850 EVO 500gb drive. What a difference! On my JX-TB71 I previously booted from a 7200rpm drive - the difference is night and day.Here is a screenshot of the speeds that Samsung software reports. I have "...

Dream by Level 7
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G752VY-RH71 replacing default PCIE SSD Question

Hi everyone. This will be my first gaming laptop and I don't know too much about computers. I was wondering if it would be possible to replace the default PCIE ssd with the Samsung SM951 SM951 NVME ssd or the new Samsung 950 PRO? And if that is possi...

bdotlum by Level 7
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brand new g75vx loose screen frame

Hi everyone,I am new to this forum, Just wondering if any of you could help me.I just bought a brand new Rog g75vx laptop and got my hands on it last week, as i was inspecting it i noticed when i closed the laptop lid, it made a 'Click' sound, and u...

Release date of G551VW in Europe?

G551VW with i7-6700HQ-processor and ssd/hd 7200 rpm combo, has been added to the Swedish site I cannot find it for sale anywhere in Europe.Does anyone know when it will be released for sale in Europe?

ROG G751JY Thunderbolt connection busted?

Hi guys new to the forums let me start by saying i have been trying to find some answers to my question through google and forum searches and have not found any I hope you guys can help.So I recently connected my laptop to my TV through HDMI everythi...

gmorb by Level 7
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what games can the g75vw handle?

just bought a couple of g75vw laptops as they look the mutts!question is :- what games are you playing on them? and can they handle Battlefront, Battlefield 4 and Rainbow Seige?thanks everyone

Asus G750JH getting Heat/Fan/HDD problem?

Hello. Im new at this forum since i never had problems with my computer before, and i am sorry for my bad english but im gonna try.Since 2 days back when i had a lan-party at my place my Asus g750jh asus 750jh-4080th was starting to actin strange. It...

Juppe91 by Level 7
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My G752VY-RH71 has arrived and wow!....

This is a one of a kind beautiful machine. It's has the dark metal finish top with the red vents. Amazing screen! Haven't had a chance yet to go thru everything, I'm downloading Norton and a hole bunch of other programs including removing Windows ...

vore01 by Level 7
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