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G551J keyboard backlight

Hello everyone, its my first post. I didn't find solution over the net. Could anyone tell me where to turn on keyboard backlight permanently? Now, if I want to login to Windows I have to turn on room light, type password, wait for ATK driver start, ...

Overclocking the G752VY, any success?

I was really disappointed to see that the 6700HQ does not allow clock adjustments like the old 4700HQ did in the G750 via Intel XTU. While it wasn't much, the extra 200Mhz you could put on the cores made a noticeable difference. These multiplier ad...

MrRuckus by Level 10
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This computer does not meet minimum requirements.

This is the error message I get trying to install the latest Intel® HD Graphics 4600 for 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors drivers. Should it be like this? I reckon it's because I have discreet GPU, also in Device Manager under Display Adapters ...

mijicm1 by Level 7
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G 550 jk recovery disk/iso

Hello there,Recent windows 10 clean install screwed my laptop up (has thread about fan breaking somewhere around), and unfortunately I dont have recovery disk. I could find any on support website, anyone knows where i can get one or can possibly shar...

smilin by Level 7
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Where tu look for ASUS G751

I'm planning to get ASUS G751, where do you think I should be looking for christmas discounts / or refurbished versions?

isko by Level 7
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G74sx-bbk8 cpu support list?

I have not been able to find one as of yet. i am wanting to drop in a Intel Core i7-2760QM PGA 988B G2 Mobile CPU Processor 3.5Ghz 6MB 5GT/sNot sure if it can take it, same socket type just faster then the Intel Core i7-2670QM I have in it.Edit: the ...

GTX980M for 200$ more?

Hello,Im planing to buy G751 with gtx970m or gtx980m (price difference is 200$).Is gtx980m worth 200$ more?

isko by Level 7
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Repairing bricked G73SW (GPU)

So I've bricked my G73SW over 3 years ago now and I am thinking of repairing it myself.At the time, I decided to flash the wrong vBIOS onto the GTX 460m card and bricked it. The screen no longer worked.I took it to an Asus service center and they tol...

Realtek Audio Driver Advise

Hi,One reason I hate all low quality Realtek products, specially its audio chips is their huge audio driver!One of the highest one in all drivers, near 300 MB, and install services and 3 startup applications!I am a pro user and cannot allow any app t...