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G551VW Windows 7 support

Hi All,I wanted to buy the G551VW-FW149T, at the last minute I had to pull out because I found out these laptops (and discovered later that all ASUS laptops) don't have Windows 7 Driver support.Is there going to be any official Windows 7 drivers rele...

Changing the G752 "Stream" Key?

Hey guys, I posted this in the general software forum but I thought I'd ask here too...I just got an Asus G752 and it has a dedicated key to launching XSplit. However, I prefer OBS and I was wondering if anyone knew how to rebind it to open OBS inste...

G752 Audio jack questions

Ok for the life of me I don't know how to separate the sound from headphones and the speakers. When i split them no audio comes out of the speaker jack. Anyone know any recommendations?

Tidbits by Level 9
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Gtx 965m overclocking. Safe values and tweaking

Hey so i have the G751JL-DS71 and am overclocking the gfx card (gtx 965m) using Nvidia Inspector to overclock, afterburner to monitor temps, valley and firestrike basic for testing. My question is what are the safe levels for this setup? Anyone done ...

Visual differences between the G752VY/VT/VL?

Can anyone post pictures of their G752? I was wondering if the Asus website is accurate with their images of the laptops. I didnt realize the "VY" was different from the other 2 variants as it has red vents and lights as well. Do the others have t...

54098 54099
MrRuckus by Level 10
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G751JY Battery Stuck at 88%

Hey guys,I know this might sound a bit too common about these battery issues but I just want to make things a bit clear. I had this laptop since April 2015 and have been really enjoying my laptop until this battery issue came up. So this is my story ...

g752 Battery question, easily swappable?

Getting ready to purchase a ROG g752. Is the battery easily swappable so I could use a second to double my time unplugged? Or is it tightly screwed in place and a nightmare to get in and out?

G751JY strange vibration

HiI have strange problem with my G751JY laptop. Laptop very slightly vibrates around enter button.If i put my hand down there i can feel slight vibration. It is constant and is not affected by usage.However it occasionaly stops, but after a while st...

G751JT-DB73 Third RMA Videos inside.

So I am currently on my third RMA for my G751JT-DB73. I have been struggling through Asus' horrible customer support for about 3 months now with no resolution. Apparently no one can properly receive information in the service center or even send out ...

Duhef by Level 7
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