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Keboard Problem G551JW

Hello guys currently I have this problem. After the windows recent update some of my keyboard keys are now working. My "S" and Caplock are not working.. Is there a driver than can solve this?

Asus G751 Decal / Sticker

Hello everybody, I finally had time to finish my small "project" on the decal for my laptop. I had some trouble with the dimensions but I finally managed to do it. Some of you might say that I ruined the laptop etc. but frankly I think it looks way ...

G750 satisfied happy owners thread

Alright i have had some issues with my g750 maybe its bad luck i dont know.Anyway when i mentioned to the store clerk of the customer support service of the store where i bought my laptop.Theirs alot of complaints on the internet about the quality of...

Asus offical or Newegg? Please where to buy?

Hi my friends I want to buy Asus ROG G751JY for the first time. On Newegg there is free tax and free shipping and is the same price like in Asus. But I dont know how much is TAX and shipping on Asus offical web site? (did you pay TAX and shipping on...

isko by Level 7
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GL551JW heats up to 94°C!

Hi everyone!,Lately, I've be worried about the temperature that my laptop (GL551JW-DS71) reaches, that is about 94°C. I got the laptop about 8 days ago, but I tested it the first day.I work with CG (3D modeling and rendering), and when the processor ...

Rasv21 by Level 7
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SSD / HDD Alignment made wonders for me!

Today I was running the AS SSD Benchmark and I noticed that there is a warning message saying: "31K BAD" so I googled it and found out that happens due to misalignment in the SSD/HDD sectors or whatever... due to new drives using a 4096 Byte clust...