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Black screen asus G75VW

Hello people,when I was in my BIOS settings for a couple days ago I selected BIOS > reset to default.I had done a BIOS Update for like 2-3 months ago.Since that moment I have just got a black screen when I restart my computer.I have checked so many y...

elmnas by Level 7
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G751JT Liquid Damage HELP?

Before any questions yes no warranty. Don't ask me why I just don't got it it's too late to think about it learn from your mistakes.Okay so to make a long story short I poured a a splash of milk over my laptops keyboard. This happened Over the road. ...

G74Sx Black Screen, Don't Turn On

Changed the LVDS cable of my notebook, reassembled it and when I tried to call him, after connecting the cable from the power source the power button lit up without me pressing the same, but no image appears on the notebook screen or when connected a...

ROG G Series bluetooth audio test feedback thread.

This thread will get to the bottom of this issue. Please test your Android or iOS Bluetooth device and see if you can stream audio through to your Laptop. Please post your results here.I'll start things off, I have a brand new G752 Even though I c...

Paco572 by Level 7
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G750 Card reader is dead.

My card reader stopped working. And I have tried to install both realtek and genesis drivers in case it's a driver issue.But in HWiNFO64, Port 15 says 'DEVICE GENERAL FAILURE'. Does this mean my reader is toast? Is it possible to order a part and re...

__udson by Level 7
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Intel gfx driver crash on G551

Recently I'm having frequent "Display Driver has stopped responding and has recovered" messages from my Intel GFX on G551/w Windows 10x64. It crashes once an hour while browsing internet and it is pretty annoying. I'm using latest driver from ASUS su...

nevven by Level 7
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G752VT left usb port not working

HelloI have bought a g752vt laptop to replace my g751vt stolen in octoberCuriously different model but almost same issue:2 left usb ports are not working with external hard drive random parasit noise even with sound offOn my g751, i had to send it 2x...

vslpi by Level 7
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G752 vs G73SW

I have a 4 yrs old G73SW with a 2nd Gen Sandy Bridge 2630QM processor , and Win 7 .If I'd change to a new similar G75 with a 6th Gen Skylake ( say 6700HQ ) , and Win10 - as a rough estimate , what sort of general performance increase might I see ?...

aviwil by Level 8
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