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Upgrade G771JW to Gtx980m

Hi Guys;I bought a G771JW 6 months ago maybe a little more and i am not very satisfied with the fps in games. So is there a way to upgrade my gtx960m to gtx980m ? I know some other brands laptop has this features but i'm not sure if this laptop is t...

ret38 by Level 7
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G751JY Is the processor user upgradeable?

Can I upgrade the processor in my g751JY (4720HQ) or is it soldered to the motherboard?Not now but maybe in the future I would want to upfrade for another 4th generation i7 (maybe 48xx)Thanks in advance

ASUS ROG G771JW-T7022D Problems in Games

Hi,i bought this NoteBook/UltraBook how they sey he is special for games but i have a major problem to games,i install windows 10 with all drivers for win10 downloaded from but in games i have a problem every time "display freeze" 1-2 sec a...

G75VW-NS71 Optical drive went out

Some time ago, the optical drive began refusing read any media. Now it springs open every few minutes.My understanding is that optical drives are one of the easiest things to replace on a laptop. However, as I've no experience disassembling laptops (...

G750JZ Problems with built-in HDD

Hello folks,at the beginning of this year I got myself a G750JZ. I was quite happy about it until my first few games I played got moved to the inbuilt HDD, since I need a lot of space for different things. The problem is, that the HDD seems to load e...

A G710+ keyboard into a 17" (Asus Rog) Laptop bag?

Hello everyone, the title pretty much sums it up, I just want to know before buying this keyboard, I'll be moving around, so I'll have to have the keyboard with me at these time. Did anyone try fitting it in? Thanks

Sonsho by Level 7
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Some knocking sound when i shake my g751jm

i just bought this baby for a week ago via a store in my country (indonesia). They said i can't get a warranty because this particular series got imported unofficially.Kind of sad but i love this baby so i bought it anyway.And now when i unintentiona...