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BIOS Optimization for Faster Boot Times

Hi all:Any suggestions for fine tuning BIOS settings to minimize the boot time?I'm using another non ASUS laptop, and am finding that it passes the BIOS and into Windows so much quicker. Both laptops have SSD as their boot up drive type, and I'm jus...

G73jh HDMI output no longer working

Hello, I am the proud owner of a G73Jh with a Radeon 5870. No longer a gamer the PC is hooked via hdmi to my A/V and is mainly used as a HTCP. I am sending to my A/V through VLC all my movies in glorious DTS and Dolby. I am facing last week an issue ...

Did G752VY Comes with Intel GPU enabled?

To all Asus G752VY owner, before i start my orders for 2 G752VY, i would like to clear things out. First, Do G752VY comes with Intel graphics? i saw some seller mention the Intel Graphics 530 + GTX980M 4GBI'm confused.

Jlieu by Level 7
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So, windows 10, yay or nay?

Well, I've heard windows 10 can give an fps boost, and a few other alright things about it, fps boost being the main one, however these are chunky machines (g751j), so I'm wondering what results people here have had, is it worth the upgrade, or is it...

XOIIO by Level 7
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Black screen asus G75VW HELP Updated

Hello people,when I was in my BIOS settings for a couple days ago I selected BIOS > reset to default.I had done a BIOS Update for like 2-3 months ago.Since that moment I have just got a black screen when I restart my computer.I have checked so many y...

54426 54427
elmnas by Level 7
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What's wrong with my G550 performance?

Hi guys, I bought my G550 a while a go, I was pretty happy with it all this time, but I noticed that when gaming it seems to be under- performing.At first I thought I am just asking it too much, playing games like Metal Gear 5 etc, but it has problem...

Installing SSD in my Asus G750JS

i there guys. I want to install SSD in my Asus G750JS. What steps I need to follow.? How should I migrate my OS to SSD? Can I use my recovery USB to install factory image to SSD? And how should I know which HD has my OS? I have 2 HDs. I want to repl...