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G751JY Windows 10 taskbar ghost image

So I have been playing a lot of Fallout 4 lately. During one of my play sessions, I started to notice a ghost image of my windows 10 taskbar at the bottom. This is probably because I play a lot of minecraft in the window and do not hide the taskbar. ...

Ghoti by Level 7
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Assassin's Creed Unity? Is that a joke?

HI, I just got my G751JY a week ago and when I've done the unboxing I was happy to see the Assassin's Creed gift code. The problem is, when I follow the link in the description it doesn't work, and if I try with the official website the promo code wi...

Asus g751jt bios update

Hello,I got g751jt for 3 months now and i checked the bios drivers im using BIOS 205 and i noticed in later updates they enabled g-sync so my question is how to check do my laptop support g-sync?So i can decide to update my bios or not (i will do it,...

Vyary by Level 7
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G751JT-DB73 No Gsync after updating Nvidia drivers.

So, when I first got the laptop, SUPER happy with it! Asus did a nice job on design, temps, perf, just about everything. Then I noticed my "W" key is sticking...then my "E" key is sticking...then I tried updating my graphics drivers to the latest and...

91240xs by Level 7
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G751JY Color Calibration to share?

Hey guys. Does anyone here have a good color calibration setting that you wouldn't mind sharing with me? Every day, I find myself fiddling with the display but I can't seem to get the perfect setting for my colors.If anyone - especially those who use...

G751jy webcam issue

Hey guys, I realize my laptop appears to looks like this since this morningThe light that next to my laptop webcam was switch on suddenly, well, its quite noticeable, thn i try to open my camera, it said already open by other apps, but i didnt use an...

750JM - Stuck on boot to BIOS

Hey all,I had my laptop connected to my 4K TV and was playing a game at 2140p. I ALT+Tabbed to check something when my TV went black. I'm used to this happening and I usually hard shut down and turn the thing back on and it works fine. This was my fi...

Bahama by Level 7
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