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Asus G752VT SSD Compatibility Help

Hello Amazing Community Folks, I have just purchased Asus G752VT (970m Model with 1TB HDD) The machine came without any SSD.Now I have traveled with my Laptop outside of USA and I am unable to find NVMe SSD's (currently not available)I have read on t...

Are these G751JL temps safe ?

I am currently run a ROG G751JL-DS71 965M When I play battlefield 4 or something heavey I get GPU 65c CPU 80cish while the main board gets about 60ish Im not sure if this is actually messuring the main board ? Are these safe temps ? I don't get any...

G73JH windows 10 drivers

Hello,Can anyone post complete driver pack for G73JH for windows 10 x64 without drivers for graphic card (they are easy to find).

Majber by Level 7
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Acer X34 Predator plugged in my G751?

I am inlove with the X34 predator monitor but what worries me is if it will run through the Display Port of the G751JY 980m at full resolution/refresh rate.I realize that it wouldn't be an ideal setup for gaming at high settings but I saw a benchmark...

Why is this the worst forums

I swear this forum is completely useless. Everyone seems to have an attitude for some reason. If a mod reads this go ahead and delete my account because I cant find how to delete. Bunch of spoiled little brats

Cannot see NVMe M.2 Samsung Drive in Linux on ASUS G752V

Hello,I have finally retired my old ASUS N53JF and replaced it with an ASUS G752V. Before I make any changes to the system I like to create a system image backup with Clonezilla. Unfortunately Clonezilla is not detecting the NVMe Samsung 128G drive. ...

nhasian by Level 7
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HII'm about to pre-order the Asus ROG G752VY-RH71 w/ GTX980M 4GB. I was wondering if there are recommendations that can be given on choosing which one.I checked out exotic and gentech and excaliper. All have the machine for 1999..00 . The reason ...

vore01 by Level 7
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