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G752 Screw hole rubber inserts falling out.

I realize these are for nothing other then aesthetics, but they really could have been done better. I've caught these falling out twice now, and Im not someone who man handles the laptop and throws it around. These are small and held in by nothing ...

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MrRuckus by Level 10
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G750JM GPU Tweak problem

Hi guys.I hope somebody can help me. I bought an SSD to my G750 then we reinstall the windows 10 everything good but the GPU Tweak does not work as it used to before. Now the program dont show the RPM speed and when i turned on, it dont turn on the f...

Krisz by Level 7
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Help with merging partitions

Hello guys.I own a GL552VW-DH71, and I successfully installed a M.2 SSD. Now I want to format and make the default 1TB HDD as one partition to use as my storage drive. After following the guides online, where they asked me to delete one of the partit...

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G751 vs GL752 and one Broken G75VX

Can you guys give me some advice? my G75VX died yesterday... it served me very well, i have been really happy with it. its performance, graphics, speed. sure it didn run any games maxed out but they are plenty good enough to enjoy during my hotel sta...

ATR-42 by Level 9
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Would you switch SSD boot drives?

when i first got my GL752 i took out the 7200 RPM HDD and stuck in the 256gb SSD from my old G75. it was just a regular 2.5mm SSD. Then later, I installed a Samsung EVO 850 m.2 ssd. here are the benchmarks. im not totally sure what im looking at but ...

ATR-42 by Level 9
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Is 2 hrs or so of 752vt battery life normal?

How much do you get out of your battery? Mine seems really short, like 2 hrs or so of normal use, right at 2 hrs for watching a movie on the blu ray drive. Is this normal? I dont have hardly any programs running in the background. Brightness is at 50...

G751JL-BSI7T28 SSD upgrade problem

Laptop model: G751JL-BSI7T28I haven't made any hardware changes to this computer until now. SSD model: Crucial BX200 480GB 2.5in SSD SATAOS: Windows 10The problem I'm running into is that my newly installed SSD is not showing up in the boot-priority ...

xParagon by Level 7
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