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G771JW Intel Extreme Tuning Uility

Hi! I have recently purchased an Asus Rog G771JW. I'm pretty much happy about to far but I thought I can undervolt the CPU considering I don't need it's full potential in nowadays games.I set the multipliers to 30x,30x,29x,28x and the Core Voltage O...

K3nSter by Level 7
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Where to find GL771J drivers (for just the 'j' model)?

Hello guys i have i problem and i cant find any corectly answer.Recently i instaled my own windows 8.1 from 0 and when i try to take drivers from asus support my laptop model isn t. Gl771j ,(simple j) and there is one with gl77jm with gtx960 and anot...

Frezzy by Level 7
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G771JW with GTX 960M FPS Drop

Hello guys! I think you already know the problem, which is "fps drops/lag spikes" in games. Has anyone got the fix for this problem? Now I'm trying to play Skyrim, clean, but i can't, I have constant fps drops. Should I Asus GPU Tweak?PS: I think it'...

Problem after G55vw factory reset/win10

Good morning,A few days ago I decided to run a factory reset on my G55vw that has been running win10 since this summer.When I tried pressing F9 at boot that didnt work which.. was annoying.I then tried to reset using the backup-DVDs that was created ...

Replace a key on the keyboard?

My Q key broke (one of the little clear clips on the underside of the key broke, and it now no longer grips the plastic clip beneath). I've looked at and, but neither list the G750.It ...

admo by Level 7
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G751JY Screensaver video file

Can someone please share the screensaver video file?I did a clean install for Windows 8.1 but when I try to launch the ASUS Screensaver it tells me the video is missingIt is located in:C:\Windows\ASUS\Videos\ASUS.mp4thanks

Overclocking G751JY

So I heard you can overclock the CPU & GPU of this beast. My question is how is this done? I have overclocked before on my Desktop using a combination of the Bios and Asus AI suite, but I can't seem to figure it out on this machine. The chips are run...

cuniac by Level 7
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So what is exact effect of G-Sync?

So I bought g752vt, which has geforce 970m.and I don't know exactly well about effect of GSync. Of course I read its definition, but still dont know well.Is it means all game I run is run at at least 60 frame? I tested with Company of Heroes 2 and it...

wsxdrfv by Level 7
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