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G752VT sound cracking noisy?

So no matter I played sound via default realtek and laptop speakers or via usb sound blaster card and external speaker, sometime after laptop booted, all sound has noisy crackling sound. Why this happen and how to fix? If I reboot laptop, this phenom...

wsxdrfv by Level 7
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G752VT-RH71 - Backlit Keyboard on boot?

Is there any way to get the backlighting on the keyboard to be on when Windows is booting? I know that on the G751 the driver loads and the Backlit keyboard lights up once booted into Windows. The G752 backlit keyboard only lights up upon logging in...

Power Key remap?

Hi all,I just bought my GL552VW today, and had hoped that SharpKeys or KeyMapper would be able to remap the power/sleep button to the end key, but they both didn't work.I'm a programmer and use my home and end keys an awful lot to navigate around cod...

Installing on blank hard-drives

Oh man... where to begin.I tried to install Gentoo linux onto my laptop, which is a G751JY-DH71 (one 256 SSD split in half and one HDD split in half).I reaaaally messed the process up and I tried to go back to normal, but I messed up and used the nat...

G771JW Slow WI-FI speed

Hello guys, I have a problem with my wi-fi connection. I get a slow speed when I'm connected to the internet via WI-FI, I get like 3Mbps on WI-FI and 24Mbps via cable. Why is that? what do I have to do to get the normal speed. I tested speed with my ...

G73 issues after "upgrading" to Windows 10

Hey, I am now running Windows 10 on my good ol' G73 machine, and have found (2) issues:1. The cooling fan is always running, unless it is in sleep mode2. The most vexing is not being able to activate the keyboard backlighting.I have looked for the AT...

r81366 by Level 7
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