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G771JW Slow WI-FI speed

Hello guys, I have a problem with my wi-fi connection. I get a slow speed when I'm connected to the internet via WI-FI, I get like 3Mbps on WI-FI and 24Mbps via cable. Why is that? what do I have to do to get the normal speed. I tested speed with my ...

G73 issues after "upgrading" to Windows 10

Hey, I am now running Windows 10 on my good ol' G73 machine, and have found (2) issues:1. The cooling fan is always running, unless it is in sleep mode2. The most vexing is not being able to activate the keyboard backlighting.I have looked for the AT...

r81366 by Level 7
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G750 JM Multiple Ram issues

I have a G750 JM from 2014. This is the 8GB model. I recently found that I had 2 slots for additional RAM so I purchased the following:

lyoke by Level 7
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Looking for a Gaming Laptop, MSI or ASUS, G751JY or G752VT?

Hello,I've been looking for a gaming laptop, as it would be so cool to game when I travel to Europe or maybe USA.Also, I've been thinking about MSI gaming laptops; and there are really very good deals on Amazon right now.Like;GE72 Core i7-5700HQ,GTX9...

wolfrose by Level 7
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G750 JW Overheating problem... need help

Hi guys, i need to ask a few question about my laptop conditions.I bought my laptop for quite some time ago, so it's out of warranty.My laptop, Asus G750 JW i7-4700HQ is experiencing some heating problem and loud fan noise.I sent it to the service ce...

dimzki by Level 7
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Asus G771JW - BIOS version vs CPU throttling

HelloI've read some posts and articles about CPU's throttling and how some users tried to update BIOS to fix the issue, but I can't find any specific informations about actual maximum temperatures at different BIOS versions.I currently have v204, whi...

rg_gapa by Level 7
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ASUS G752VY, USB CHARGER, The feature that permanently ON!

no one, nobody can turn off usb charger!!!!!!!! And it will turned on FOREVER!!! EVEN you shut down, or remove power cord! the only way is to smash 2599$ this notebook to the wall HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ELSE, The Motherboard will keep supplying voltage ...

Jlieu by Level 7
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Question on re-installing Windows G752VT

I just recently got a Asus G752VT and I was looking to upgrade the 128gb SSD it came with. My question is how would I go about getting my Windows installation back after doing so.

Artemys by Level 7
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