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G751. Is it worth my money?

Hello, I was in the market to buy G 751 due to the fact that it has a 970 GTX. I understand that that is really a 960 desktop version GPU, I just wanted to know how long you guys think this will be future proof? I play games at 1080p or a little belo...

G73JH Throttlestop relevant still?

I didn't want to bring up an old thread so I thought it best to start a new one, is the throttlestop program still relevant to G73JH's? I'm asking because I have been crashing (computer turns off in the middle of a game and restarts immediately) a go...

G750JX - Black Screen on Boot and BIOS

About a month ago I decided to overclock my GPU with the GPU tweak utility that Asus provides, after deciding that the performance boost wasn't enough to justify the increased temps I reverted to defaults and uninstalled the program. Since then, my s...

Asus G75V upgrade graphicard!

Hello guys i want to know if i can upgrade my Asus G75VW graphicard with a >>> G750JZ GTX 880M 4GB GDDR5 Video card <<<i purchase it and install it but did not work i guess card was damage because was used, going to return it, but i want to touch bas...

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