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G46 Unlocked Bios

Any know where to find a modded/unlocked Bios for the G46vw? I would like to get access to OC features in Intel Extreme Tuning Utlity. I am using a 3740qm CPU and all the OC features are greyed out. I have read of other MB bios that have been unlocke...

HK-47 by Level 10
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G75VW GTX 660m upgrade

I finally summoned up the nerve to crack open my laptop for the first time ever, besides the back panel. I was an a mission to put new thermal paste on my cpu and gpu and I thank the Council of Cosmic Ministers I did. The GPU core had bleached the ...

No MaxAudio for G752 ???

I only have Sonic Suite 2 installed and it's really, not loud enough. Found MaxAudio installer in Realtek/Waves, trying to install it. says - "This software is not supported on the current device"There is always some stupid **** when it comes to Asus...

[GUIDE] on safe GPU temperatures

WHAT ARE SAFE GPU TEMPERATURES?There is no specific safe GPU temperature for each and every model of notebook. Instead, there is a safe acceptable GPU temperature range. The acceptable LOAD temperature range for any notebook GPU is:60-80°C ± 5°C ...

G73JH Comparison, Hitachi HDD vs Sandisk SSD

For this comparison I use "Crystal DIsk Mark" a popular program to measure speeds.I compare a 750GB 7200rpm Hitachi HDD vs a 120gb Sandisk Pro SSD. The first picture is the Hitachi. I then upgraded to a 120gb Sandisk Pro to put my Windows 7 OS on, it...

g752 proper temperature

My temps stay at a bout 50 C (122 F) idle. Is this normal/good? It got up to 65 C while surfing the net and working in excel. Wasn't doing anything intensive.

Middle finger asus g751 vs g752

Hello gamers,I have a question.. I had a asus g751 and when I press on middle click (touchpad) for example in a link on Google it open in a new tab. I really need use this function in my work.. I was think to buy the asus g752 but when I click on mid...

gilpkr by Level 7
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