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G751 Sleep Mode Causes Full Restart

Hi,My G751 came with the free upgrade to Windows 10, which went smoothly. Just a couple of weeks ago - long after I upgraded it - my laptop stopped coming back from Sleep Mode. Instead, it's as though it was shut down completely.How can I recover Sle...

JT1 by Level 7
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Which Samsung Pro M.2 SSD combination is best for a G752VL

The G752VL notebook doesn't come with any SSD drives ,just a single 1T HDD. I want to purchase an SSD for the OS and programs and leave the HDD for backup. I think there could be a speed advantage of using 2 X SSD drive with raid over a single drive ...

wpeters by Level 7
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G752VT RAM and 950 Pro upgrade

I upgraded the RAM to 32GB using 2x8GB G Skill sticks. Everything seems stable for a couple days now. Looks like I got lucky based on other threads I have been reading here. I matched the stock Samsung RAM's specifications with the G Skill.I installe...

bad g751 bios flash

yesterday i would flash the newest bios(211) for g751 jt! after start asus winflash the computer shutdown and begin to flash but after a moment before all was done he shutdown and start again! that was the bigin off a loolp!i have flashed all bioses ...

Looking to purchase, G752 or G751 ?

I am not sure if it is appropriate to ask here however I am looking to purchase a new laptop. I do like the new copper/silver look very more sleek. However, since my last 3 notebooks have been the black and red I can still live with that. I am curren...

Kheoss by Level 7
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max. multi on 4720

hi today ive seen some benchmarkdetails on hwbot forum... how can it be that an 4720 have a unlocked multi of 38 running on system with 3800 mhz with bclk100.i thougt that the the 4720 cant go higher than 3700 without bclk clocking?! very impressed b...