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G751JT Screen Freezing Problem

Hi,I have an Asus G751JT with gtx970m, 16GB RAM, 500 GB Samsung SSD 850 Pro. From a lot of time my laptop randomly freezes when playing games. Yesterday I install my Win 8.1 from fresh, but the problem is not resolve. Also I tried to connect the mous...

CPU and GPU and fan related questions

Hi all, I have a few questions I would like to ask:1. how do I enable both fans in my computer to turn on? I use to have gputweak(old version) and it had the funciton to run both fans, but after that I went to install a upgraded version of gputweak(v...

g752vy-dh78k vram and Intel graphics questions

hi,i just bought the g752vy-dh78k, with gtx980m 8gb. but in the nvidia control panel, system information it saystotal available graphics as 4gb? and 4gb as does this model have built-in graphics, coz mine doesnt show intel graphics at all...

Asus G53SX-a1 can't go back to windows 7

Hi everyoneI have recently upgraded my laptop to windows 10 but due to drivers issue because ASUS won't support that model to work with windows 10 I decided to go back to windows 10Here's the problem that after I follow the procedures to go back to w...

amedhat by Level 7
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Asus G751JY - Yellow tint / Too much warmth on the display

Hello folks,I love this new laptop but I am having troubles to live with the yellow tint this display has. Even with splendid set to Normal and uninstalled, it definitely has too much yellow. White is never white and I cannot seem to find a calibrati...

ROGTWAT by Level 7
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G52VY Fans are on/off

Hey guys!I have been using this computer for like almost a month now and it has always been quiet, but I had just figured that the fans were not so loud but today I was struggling with mouse settings and SOMEHOW I did something and air started to cam...

Asus G751JY RAM Upgrade Questions

Gents....Greetings ...what is the supported RAM type for asus g751what speed ? i have 16GB 1866Mhz. and i want to upgrade the RAMit is possible to have different RAM speed at same time ?Thanks in advance

TurkROG by Level 7
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