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G751 G-Sync UpGrade Program

I asked a Research Team at CBC TV { Market Place Team} where I work to look into the Asus G-Sync Program , they tell me there is no postings on AsusTwitter , AsusTek Computer Inc, , Asus Face Book , Asus YouTube , or any Asus Forums excep...

860m strange performance

So lately I have been having a strange "performance" out of my laptop in gaming.When the laptop is turned on a while (usualy 4-5 hrs or more) the video performance drops. As a concrete example: cs:go med settings when laptop fresh started (or restart...

G750JM No Power / Not Posting

Hello,I have a ROG G750JM that is no longer turning on or posting. I have been looking for some sort of troubleshooting guide in respects to blink codes. The only thing I get out of it is, when the battery is connected and the power supply unit is co...

Problems using Newer Nvidia Drivers on on my G751JT

So...I've upgraded drivers from Nvidia's site a few times, and it's always broken G-SYNC on my G751JT-DBxx. This has happened with many different versions, I always use DDU etc, and it's done the right way. The only fix is to install Asus legit drive...

91240xs by Level 7
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G750 JX Windows 10 Sound Problems

Hello!Two weeks ago when I downloaded and updated to windows 10 I've been having some problems, mainly with sound. For example, in chrome if im watching a video and then pause it and then come back after a while, the volume is extremely high and the ...

Sintaen by Level 7
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Interesting Find, What seems to be a G46VR Motherboard?

Doing some searching as I wait for Asus to release a new version of the G46VW..... I came across this.. The motherboard is clearly labeled "G46VR REV 1.0" I also noticed a couple things; one being the traces for the thunerbolt chip are not longer pre...

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