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G752VT - Need help to: Bios unlocking + Ram problem

Hi everyone,few days ago I have bought 2x16GB DDR4 Corsair 2667MHz Ram,The problem is if I use the both ram my laptop will run but very badly, getting blue screen and my pc restart every few min.but if i insert only 1 stick (no different on which slo...

G752VT Mainboard Change

I've two G752VT i7 6700HQ model and both of them mainboards are break down. When i looking new boards on internet, i found some information about VT and VY models. There are 2 VY models. One of them is with 6700HQ and other is 6820HK. VY model has i7...

batki by Level 7
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G701VI backlight issue... or not?

So my G701VI been working fine after the messed up BIOS update forcefed by M$ few months ago. I mostly run my laptop 24/7 on my desk connected to a MSI 144Hz monitor and it works fine, playing games, 3D modeling, surfing etc.At some point during Janu...

[G501VW] NVMe 1tb + 8gb ram upgrade

Hello guys,I'm posting this hoping it will be helpful to somebody. Because there's not much regarding g501vw ssd upgrade in the forum.My model FHD version which comes with 8gb ram, a 128gb ssd SATA m.2 and a 1TB hard drive. On the specs page it's wri...

mustino by Level 7
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G752VM (i7 Gen6) Unexpected Shut Downs

Hiya, so I've had this G752VM (i7 6700HQ) for a few years now and had to replace the CPU fan before, this was about a year or so ago. I just did a fresh OS install and in the middle of the night my laptop just shuts off unexpected. Windows reports: "...

86511 86512

Upgrade battery from 60Wh to 96Wh in G501JW

Hi, guys!I've bought my G501 at 2015. I've taken the one with HDD and 60Wh battery. Just because SSD model had price much more than the version with HDD and SSD as a spare part. But 96Wh battery was in the model with 4K display which wasn't sold in m...

bam0o by Level 7
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Cleaning G53SX Fan

Hello!I bought my G53SX-DH71 like 7 months ago and its temperature used to be really low but now it started to overheat. I spoke with the guy who sold me the notebook and he said it is the fan that is probably dirty. He said I could disassemble the c...

ssgtlupo by Level 7
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