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Asus Gaming Laptop G60JX Blue Screen

I am so glad i found you guys! People told me that the experts are in this forum!I have a :ASUS Laptop G60JX Window 7 home premiumNvida GeForce GTS 360mEvery time i get on the internet for a few minutes, my computer goes to a Blue Screen and gives th...

G74Sx-BBk8 parts (audio board) needed

Does anyone out here in the forums have a dead G74Sx-BBK8 i could scavenge parts off of? I need the Audio Board ( MIc in, Audio in )I would be more then happy to pay for it, and pay for shipping. whether its free or you want a little for it.

G751JY Windows 10 fresh install bluetooth issue

So, I have used bluetooth many times on my laptop and all the up to the clean install I just of windows 10 I have not had a problem. Since clean installing I get this error in the device manager "Windows has stopped this device because it has reporte...

GL752VW screen goes black.

So, I have an issue where sometimes my screen just goes black on my GL752VW. Randomly it will just stop showing image, but the sound will continue. I have a friend who says this has been an issue here and there with ROG laptops. This does not seem...

G752VY-RH71 in Europe?

Hello!Is ASUS-ROG-G752VY-RH71 will be available in EU (UK in particular)? This model is widely availabe in USA, but I can't find it in UK in reasonable prices.I don't want to buy it in US because import charges are ridiculous (I have to pay additiona...