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G752VT - Suddenly my whole keyboard does not work at all.

I am typing this with USB keyboard. Now my laptop's keyboard does not work at all. (G752VT)When power on, no key working. I should turn on screen keyboard to input password for login when Window10 start. After logging, still no key works. Rebooting, ...

wsxdrfv by Level 7
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Can you update the video card of G75VW

Hey guys, I was wondering. My ASUS g75 is with Nvidia GTX670M 3 gb... if I want after 2-3 years to get a new card, for example the new NVIDIA GTX that comes out, will I by able to change it without accessing the motherboard. What that means is, chang...

Second G751, second broken HDD.

HeySo I bought my first G751JY and it lasted 5 days. Had to send it to Sweden for repair(SSHD broken, maybe other stuff too). (I live in Finland). 2 weeks and they sent me a new G751JY. Forward couple months and again the SSHD that comes preinstalled...

Tuluppa by Level 7
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G752: Screen Tearing When Connected via HDMI?

Alright, I absolutely love everything about this laptop so far, but I am having one little problem that is throwing me off, more particularly when I have company over, which I tend to do alot.Alright, so the other day I connected my laptop up to my T...

Asus g751jy how to install samsung SM951?

Hi guys, i have a new ssd Samsung sm951 and i put in the m.2 port in my g751 but i dont know how to configure this drive .....can someone help me or give me a link to a guide please?

Ranacan by Level 7
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G752 rubber stoppers in exhaust vents

I'm a little unsure what to do with these. Am I supposed to leave them in and periodically remove them to allow dust to be blown out or the other way around. Every pic I've seen on a G752 does not show them in use. I can't tell a difference in tem...

hosedup by Level 7
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G75VX Touchpad buttons don't work!! Need help with Drivers

Hi everyone.I've been having this problem since I updated the drivers on my laptop. My touchpad buttons don't work, no matter what drivers I try to install. Everything else worked, and I had resigned to the fact that this was never going to work (mos...

BuLaXa by Level 7
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G751JY on-board screen randomly turns black for a second

Hey all,I tried doing some searching through the forums but didn't come up with much for this particular issue. I normally have my laptop connected to three external monitors, I don't think I've taken it apart from those in about 9 months (except for...

dice83 by Level 7
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