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[Help Needed] Bluetooth Connectivity on G55VW

Hey guys,I recently got my G55VW bout two weeks ago and I swapped out the drive with my own SSD Intel 320. So I did a clean install, not without some glitches like for example I have to restart to make the wireless really turn on/off after after pres...

Can G550JK support two external monitors?

Hi,Could anyone advise whether the G550JK (i7 variant) can run two external 1920 x 1080 monitors through a DVI - mini-display port adapter? Asus said maybe... probably not... we're not sure.The adapter itself costs a fair bit so want to hear whether...

djaef by Level 7
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G751JT-CH71 Nvidia Driver Crash Issues, 0x1000007e error

Hello,I own a G751JT-CH71 and I've been using Nvidia Driver 353.84 ever since I migrated to Windows 10 last year. I migrated in July, but I had to download and install the driver provided by ASUS on their website because the version of the driver tha...

wierd 980m performance ..!? same fps as g750 780m ?

I was playing with a friend who own a g750 780m asus latop this morning .. i had 56 fps playing h1z1 and he had the same freaking fps as me .. !?!?!? i mean really ? he have same video setup config as me ... how can that be possible !!! ???

How to clean G750 internal fan

As title, how to clean the fan inside while now open the bottom only see ram and others, now fan not shown, is it need to open all out then can clean?

G75VW black screen when start

Hi All,Please anyone advise me I'm having a problem with my G75vw it doesn't open when I power on there is nothing happens only the two led lights are turned on and nothing appears on the screen and sometimes it turned off quickly after i power on.-I...

G751JY Notebook FanControl profile

hello everyone,i've recently noticed that cpu temps on g751jy hit 95-96 C max while gaming (in crysis 3 especially). i've searched and found that notebook fancontrol has a special profile for these laptops. is this software reliable and trustworthy f...