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G752VT M.2 Screw Size?

Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew the screw size for m.2 on the G752VT. I think it may be 3mm, but I'm not entirely certain.Thanks

Photaz by Level 7
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G752vy vs G751vy

I realized in the title I screwed up and it should be G751JY not VY.I am trying to find out if I should buy a G752 or a G751 with GTX 980 and if the performance increase with the G752 will be the worthe the significantly higher cost and lack of a rea...

G501 Clean Install of Windows 10

Hi there, i'm new in this forum I want to ask about clean installation on my G501 laptop. Is it possible to perform a clean install of Windows 10 without losing a recovery data that allows me to roll back to factory condition (Windows 8.1)? Thanks in...

guys i need an advice about g750JS win10 upgrade/drivers

I decided to go for win10 in next few days, currently i am using win8.1I just checked the asus support page about drivers for win10 and i notice thatthe database for g750JS is pretty short. I mean i found no drivers there.Just some bios updates (i al...

matau by Level 9
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g75 firewire - any thoughts?

So... I have an Asus G75VW and I need a computer (laptop) with firewire. Before I decide to sell this computer and look for one I thought I would hit the forums.So (and thinking absolutely no space constraints - will mod if necessary)... Is there any...

G752VY new drivers posted for some parts

Usually I check at 4-7 days for new drivers, from asus website, today I see that for some parts , are new drivers:Windows BIOS Flash UtilityATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilitiesRealtek Audio DrivernVidia Graphics DriverASUS Splendid Video Enhan...

pigulici by Level 8
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Can't make G750 Subwoofer work in Win 8.1

Hi there, did a reinstall of my operating system and we all know what that's like when it comes to the G750'sAnyhow, I used to have a driver that'd install Realtek and Maxx Audio, which would get the Subwoofer to work..Sadly not working anymore, no i...

Darnassus by Status Under Review
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G75VX Ram Upgrade Questions

Hello all,This is my first post to the forum and I am sure these questions have been already asked, so I am sorry for repeating again. I made a search within the forum but couldn't find any answer to this question so I am hoping you guys can help.I a...

G7750JX - Ram upgrade question

Hello,I own a 2 year old ROG G750JX T4070H. It has two 4 GB RAM DDR3 low power variant PC3-12800 from Samsung. I have attached a screenshot from cpuz.I plan to add an additional 8 GB stick. I was thinking about getting this Crucial stick (link below)...