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ROG G751JY black screen and boot problems

Hi.I own a rog G751JY from 4 months.Had no problem at all, till 2 weeks ago.I was just playing when my screen suddenly go black and nothing I can do but reboot my system with power button.After that the laptop did not load anything, just blinking the...

Frequently hanging G550JK

Hi guys,I have G550JK-CN156H and it frequently crashes.For example if i try to play dota 2 on battery it might hang.OR it could just hang while im using firefox.The screen jus freezes and there is no response ie the cursor just disappears.The only me...

Rubber coating peeling on lid.

When I was cleaning up my G75VW I noticed a small, but noticeable, cosmetic flaw. The rubber coating was beginning to peel on the left corner of the lid. I am curious how I can resolve this. It's bothering me a great deal...thanks in advance.

JDS by Level 7
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CS GO FPS drops, i7 4710HQ clock drops to 0

Hello !I have my G751JY for quite a long time now, and I'm happy with it.I always had micro stuttering in CS:GO, but I thought it was network related, until I tried to fix it.First of all, my config :i7 4710HQ16gb DDR3GTX 980mPower mode : maximum per...

56053 56054

GL752VW Clean Format and Buzzing Sound

Hello, I just bought a GL752VW a week ago, everything was fine until I decided to make a clean W10 format and things got complicated. After the format I've discovered a buzzing sound from the lower left corner that identical with my Mouse scrolling a...

noyan00 by Level 7
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Anyone have the G46VW Unlocked Bios?

Hey I'd really like the unlocked bios because I plan to upgrade my laptop to the 3920xm eventually and need a way to raise the multiplier. Also would like to OC the graphics card a little bit. I know some have already done it so if you can send me th...

KalEl by Level 7
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GL752VW best way to install Win 10 onto m2 sata3 ssd evo?

I just picked up the gl752vw laptop. I bought a 500gb evo m2 sata3 ssd. What would be the best way to go about installing Windows 10 on it? Can I somehow get my key from the hard drive on there now and create fresh bootable usb thumb drive and use th...

ASUS GL752VW - Re-load Win10 Issues (minor)

Just purchased a GL752GW and blew away the "Factory OS" and re-installed Win10 home from my Retail Win10 USB.Everything went perfectly and I am quite impressed with the performance of the "clean" OS on this system.It boots to the login screen in 7 s...

ccmcc by Level 7
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