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G751 performance in GTA V

please share description, screenshots and videos on the topic G751 + GTA V ...specify the detailed graphics settings, every little thing, minimum and average FPS...all good people thanks in advance

NEED Windows 8.1 subwoofer driver - G750JX

I need someone to provide me with a driver that makes the damned Subwoofer work, because it just REFUSES to work.. Some drivers ONLY work if I boot up a game and play for 20-30 minutes, THEN the subwoofer with randomly turn on. Please.. someone with ...

Darnassus by Status Under Review
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Upgrading G75VX HDD to SSD?

Is it possible to put an SSD drive into the second bay, move the OS to it from the Hard Drive, then use the SSD as my boot drive and the HDD for mass storage?

Asus G750jx display backlight

So I got the laptop used. It is out of warranty. The laptop was working great for about month. While on a business trip I bumped my laptop slightly and the display backlight would not work. I connected my laptop to an external display and it is worki...

Memory card in reader freezes windows restart G751JT

Im on windows 10 with all the new software/drivers from the asus website. If i *restart* my laptop with a memory card in the reader it sits on the little swirly loading windows screen. To clarify more i can sleep and wake just fine. I can also shut...

I may have just bricked my g751jy with 209 bios update

hey,any help here would be very much appreciated. i formatted my usb drive to fat32, and extracted the 209 bios onto it. i dl the bios right from the g751jy's asus site. booted into bios, went to advanced and started easy flash. chose the 209 bios, i...