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Asus G751JY (WX) Hyperthreading/fan/temps Intel 4720HQ

Whats up guys? new to the forum although i have been lurking around for years. lolI just bought this laptop so i have some portable gaming to take with me, and i had some questions. 1) Is it worth it to OC the CPU the 100MHz it allows me in Intel Ext...

Asus Rog gl522jx screen bleeding

does anyone here has screen bleeding in their laptop?I had screen bleeding or backlight bleeding in my asus rog gl552jx. I Got my screen changed twice but the problem was not removed but only reduced.The asus engineer said that this backlight bleedin...

HDD speed "in the left slot" lower than 10MB/S

So, I've been using a config of a ssd and a hdd since I bough the laptop, everything working out all right.A couple of months back I decided to swap my dead optical unit for a caddy for a second HDD, identical to the first one.Now came along the prob...

Where to purchase Asus Rog g752 in Spain?

Hola muy buenas, estoy interesado en adquirir un Asus Rog g 752, pero en España me resulta imposible, e consultado a la casa Asus, y me he puesto en contacto con varias grandes superficies de informática, pero únicamente he recibido negativas. Alguie...

G501, G701, and G771 Series Useful Threads

G501JWG501 keyboard backlit doesn't work in Win10 - [solved]G501JW Screen problem after wake from standby - halo, solved with 209 or later bios?G501JW NVMe M.2 SSD Support?G701G701VI Re-install Turbo Gear help - solved G771JWAsus ROG G771JW FPS Jumps

cl-Albert by US Customer Loyalty Agent
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A right m.2 SSD for a g752 computer

Hello, a few days from now, im going to travel and buy this computer, the Asus Rog G752VY-DH72. (Link here)The thing is, I saw many people talking about, some m.2 SSD arent compatible with these laptops... So im asking for the best options to buy.Im ...

Sagiro by Level 7
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