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G56JK quiet buzzing

The laptop has about 1 month and 2 weeks. I put an SSD in place of its HDD and swapped the DVD with a caddy. Until now it worked very well but there is still something that bugs me. When I use it on battery I hear a quiet buzz (something close to an ...

Updating graphics driver on a G750JX

Hi all,I've been gaming on my G750JX for more than a year now and I must say that I am very happy about this notebook. I have always been using desktops all my life and this was my first notebook ever.With desktop PCs, updating the graphics driver wa...

Nab is not affiliated in any way with ASUS or ROG

I’m writing this to clarify the situation where an individual who works for Asus had falsely claimed that Nab was working for Asus. The truth is that he’s not affiliated with Asus or ROG in any way, he’s simply a very knowledgeable power user that ha...

Bahz by Level 12
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Intel SSD with Asus Hyperkit card validation question

I have a G751JL that I've been looking to upgrade to PCIE. Can someone confirm the combination of Intel Model 750 SSD and the Asus Hyperkit card are validated with G751JL? Please see attached pictures. If there are directions/instructions to perform ...

G75 Boots only with extended display

Hey everyone, simply put I've had my G75 for for years now since Valentines day. Everything is awesome except for some reason whenever I reboot my computer, it will ONLY boot if I connect it to an externalmonitor. Then, I can adjust the settings and ...

G752-VL Memory and M.2 SSD Questions

GHi folks, keep finding mixed answers to a question I have about memory fo the G752-VL. This machine comes with 12g of ram. When llooking at the specs depending on where I look it says that it supports 32 or 64 max. Does anyone knw which it is? there...

stussey by Level 7
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