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Does my G551 support mDP 1.2?

I have a G551JW CN198D. The Asus homepage shows that it can connect up to 3 external monitors, using HDMI for the first one and mDP for the rest. I think that it must be mDP 1.2, because 1.1 can't have enough bandwidth to run 2 displays. Am I right?

> Arrow key and Delete key Not Working

Hi!I have a G53s laptop and recently took it apart to add more RAM. Everything went off without a hitch EXCEPT after a few days now I have discovered that the right arrow key and the delete key are no longer working. When hitting F2 and going into bi...

[Rookie question] UEFI vs Windows Boot Manager

Hey y'all,sorry I know that I probably have dummy questions... So I just bought a GL752VW and I must say I'm discovering lot of things I don't know anything about!!!For instance , I didn't know about UEFI so far! As far as I understand, my laptop has...

Notebook Asus rog G752 980m - Power usb notebook off

Good evening everyone, I recently purchased a notebook asus rog model g752 t7004t; I noticed that once the pc off the USB ports remain powered, that's only if the AC Adaptor is connected to the notebook. The PC is updated with the latest available ve...

Deiz91 by Level 7
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What is the normal idle temp at G752VY with 6820Hk

Hi All, I bought a G752Vy notebook with Vapor Cooling. I had before a G751Jy with 4870HQ. There was the idle temp. around 34-38C. My g752 has idle CPU temps of 47 . The GPU is 51C . while gaming the cpu is goes to 84C . The GPU is 68-70C. Is it no...

Qosmio by Level 8
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Nvidia Control Panel V-Sync issues

whats up guys?so i jst bought this laptop, got everything updated and installed, and all is good. however, in nvidia control panel, my vsync option in global settings keeps reseting its self to "on" instead of what i put it at which is"use app prefer...

G750JZ: Any trouble upgrading to Windows 10?

As the title states, i have an unmodified G750JZ that I'd like to upgrade to Windows 10. Are there any potential "gotcha's" or problems updating to Windows 10 that I should be aware of? I'm not seeing much information regarding installing Windows 10 ...

Phlier by Level 7
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