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G75VW DVD Drive Replacement Specifications

So I have been away for a while cause dammit my rig is working great til yesterday I finally had a problem. My dvd drive does not work correctly anymore. I see many DVD/Blu Ray devices on amazon and ebay and none of them have the same shape as the ...

Can you upgrade the video card in a GL752VW-DH71?

Can you upgrade the video card in a GL752VW-DH71?I have a 960m 2GB in there now. I would love to be able to upgrade to a 970 or 980 if and when I need to. Can the video cards be upgraded or is it just a soldered on chip that can't be removed?Thanks!

g751jt some overclocking help plz.

Hi, im a total noob when it comes to overclocking, have used ati burner and right now using evga, changed gpu clockset to 135mhz and the memclock to 295, if i go over 300 the game runs fine on about 70 degrees, the problem is that both evga and ati ...

Jin1337 by Level 7
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G752vy Fn+F9 Not working - solved

Help anyone ,I can't turn the touch pad off when I'm using the mouse. Fn 9 doesn't work but all the other function keys seem to be working. Nothing worse in your favorite shooter game accidentally leaning on the touch pad & miss firing. I did try the...

Asus ROG gl752 operating temperatures

In idle, my CPU is somewhere at 56- 60 degrees Celsius, and the hard drive is somewhere at 39 degrees Celsius, and gaming my CPU goes to 89, that's the maximum I have seen so far.Is it normal for the hdd to be so hot? Sometimes I've seen it go to aro...

G751 performance in GTA V

please share description, screenshots and videos on the topic G751 + GTA V ...specify the detailed graphics settings, every little thing, minimum and average FPS...all good people thanks in advance