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Asus ROG 551jw - clean install WIn 10 questions

Hello everyone,I recently got my first Asus laptop (551), and I'm very satisfied so far. I run Windows 10 (came pre-installed) in a dual-boot with Ubuntu. Please have me excused if these questions are fairly basic, but since this is my first Asus com...

New g752vy-rh71 is not working and i'm pissed

In an earlier post I mentioned that I was happy with my new laptop but didn't mention I had a problem with it the second I turned it on because I thought the problem was resolved.Since Friday (this is now Sunday) I've had 1 conversation with the reta...

vore01 by Level 7
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ROG G75VX - Can't Turn It Off D:

So whenever I try to put the system to sleep by either closing the lid or pulling up the power button to do so, or try to just turn the computer off, the leftmost light remains on. I'm not sure why this is, and whenever I try to wake it I can never d...

Manufacturer Defect with Asus G752VY

A couple months ago, I ordered an ASUS ROG G752VY-DH78K. This was Asus' top of the line laptop as of 2016. During the entire two months I've owned it, it has sat in the same place in my home office on a desk in a well air conditioned room.Just yest...

How do I open the case of My G551JM?

it's out of warrenty, and i can't really afford to send it in, nor be without my computer for the month and a half it takes to RMA it. I'm having battery issues. i'm 90% it's not the battery itself, as sometimes, if i'm running at power saver setting...

Switch to the G752 or jump the ROG ship entirely?

When I first got my G751JY it worked well for a few days, but then a ticking sound began in one of the fans. The sound grew to the point that I had to send it in for an RMA. After the RMA, once again, the fan worked well for a few days but the sound ...

Ancients by Level 10
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G74SX Windows 7 64 bit Not Genuine PROBLEM!

I have an ASUS G74SX with Windows 7 Home premium, pre installed by ASUS.Now to the problem, since last week a Popup window comes up that claims my Windows are not a valid copy!:mad:And it pops up every 30-60 min........When i check my Windows validat...

Jonny by Level 7
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