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ROG G75VX Graphic Cards that would fit

Yes before anyone says anything I know its not cost effective (I just like tinkering)What is the best graphics card that would fit into the G75VX laptop.What I believe I know- The BUS (connector) on this laptop is an MXM-B (3.0)- Although that standa...

Lothos by Level 7
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G752 Battery

Hi, so I have an old G752VT that I took apart last February and haven't used since moving to desktop. I pulled out the battery on it before since it's been reporting lower and lower "max" capacity over the years and I was wondering if it was possible...

Advice for g751jl replacement

Hey Guys, I'm just here for advice, I'm not a hardcore Gamer though I do game a lot, I am a 100% Dedicated ASUS Laptop Fan, I do a LOT of design and engineering work on my laptop and needed something that a lot of Graphics Power so I wouldn't wait h...

G752vsk USB port works only for storage device

Hii everyone. I'm going through this issue and it kills me. my Asus rog g752vsk after I repaste the CPU after 3 years of use and gaming. tested everything after finishing the process all good until I tried to connect my mouse and keyboard only to fig...

Random? shutdowns on a asus G750JM 17 inch laptop

I say random with a question because I'm not sure what to think anymore. So the specs are windows 7 OS and the laptop is a G750JM series so an i7 proccessor, 8 Gb RAM and a Nvidia 860m inside. I have had 1-2 posts on the forum months and months back ...


G750JX - Win 10 x64 - Thunderbolt

Hi everybody,I have G750JX ROG notebook and Win 10 x64.I was going to start using the Thunderbolt and plug audio interface via this port, but I found that nothing happened then. I looked through and didn't find Thunderbolt in device manager.Eventuall...

corylee by Level 7
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Screen Issues

Not certain if this is an ASUS laptop issue or Windows issue, but I'll start here. I've had my ROG for 4 years now and recently the screen started doing weird things. Most times there are these purple, grey, green, white "lines" if you will that begi...