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Replacement red vents for 751 JT?

Hi, does anyone know where I can find some replacement vents (red) for the back of my trusty ROG 751JT?They are cracked and falling off after a few too many bumps, and i presume not conducting the hot air flow out the back like they should be.The onl...

yeatsie by Level 8
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ASUS ROG GL553VD ACPI EC Table Info File

Hey!Can anyone here provide the info file for the ACPI Table for the ASUS ROG GL553VD laptop?I want to create a python script that changes the fan speeds and access boost as well for some project..!Best,Xavier

G771 keyboard backlights

Hi,I have older laptop G771JW and I have problem with keyboard backlights. I know I did it myself but now I'm searching a solution for this or at least more info about how that is done.Those lights work in my laptop but since I forked my bios to get ...

How well do ROG laptops last?

I'm thinking of getting ROG G15 advantage for myself, I've never had gaming laptops so I have only used PCs which I know last for a really long time even if you heavy use them, but I'm a little concerned to drop 1.5k on a laptop, maybe it's gonna jus...

ugale11 by Level 7
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Asus ROG 4070TI Thermalpads thickness

Hi,Does anyone know the thickness of thermal pads required for the Strix 4070 Ti? I've only found resources for the 4090 so far.I'm considering reaching out to their support for details if I don't receive a response here.If their support provides me ...

c1alla by Level 7
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Older G75VX Wont start looking for internal power

So had this laptop since new, ended up parking it for maybe 2 yeaars, then once I went to start it up again, the lights flickers like normal then bam, turned off and dead, got a new battery and charger just incase, but now i'm thinking something with...

Asus ROG Claymore II Keycaps

I'm looking for some advice on where I might go to get someone to make me some custom keycaps for this keyboard. I'm sure there's someone out there who could 3D print me whatever I'd like. I'm well aware Asus keycaps are unique/proprietary.

zedmo by Level 7
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Setting HDD password ruined my laptop

Hi,I really need help!I have ASUS ROG GL551JM laptop, it was running OS Linux (Debian) on its Samsung SSD, so it was bootable either from the SSD or from DVD - until today.So I set 4 passwords on my Asus ROG GL551JM laptop - admin, user, HDD master, ...

Asus ROG G60VX doesn't show image after reloading

Hello! I have a problem with my Asus ROG G60VX laptop When I turn it on it works good without errors. But if I want to reload it or try to turn it off and turn on immediately, there is no image on the screen. Keyboard's lightning is working, I can ev...