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Asus rog g771jw no post no bios no boot

Hello guys. I have a problem with my G771JW laptop. At one point i was using Ubuntu as a secondary OS next to Windows 10. I stopped using it and went to the bios options to delete the boot options for the Ubuntu so it doesn't prompt me at every start...

kokaz92 by Level 7
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G551JW USB backward compatibility issues

Hey there!I bought a G551JW a few weeks ago and I've been having a weird problem ever since. I looked around the forum and I have seen some other USB related problems but they were kinda the opposite of mine.I had a W7 installer and after a bit of me...

G751JT Tear down

Here is the image for G&51 tear down, as seen below G751 overall design improved a lot with more solid hardware including enforced keyboard, now your keyboard won't "loose" like G750. And The GPU is integrated into the motherboard sharing high qualit...

46205 46206 46207 46208
Jlieu by Level 7
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G752VT CPU reaching 100 C after re-paste?!

So I've decided to re-paste my CPU and GPU like I do with all my new computers since they usually do a crappy job and/or don't use the best thermal paste and got a temperature drop of 4 C on my GPU during the Furmark stress test but for some reason t...

G750JHA power cutting

Hello. Recently my G750JHA has started suffering random power cuts, which, when in game, takes down performance quite a lot.I have been reading around and it seems it can be either motherboard or charger issues. Any advice on how to properly identify...

Orestes by Level 7
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G75VW Subwoofer Issues FIX

Hello fellow ROG owners, In my last thread a long time ago i showed how to make the sound on the ROG G75VW much better, and now i came to a solution which i have been testing in a few months only with good results.After this fix I've putted together ...

Decee1 by Level 7
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Gsync Update USA

So sent my laptop in back on 3/21 and paid the invoice that I got before they even got the laptop. So after about 2 days of them having it I check the status of the laptop and see that they are waiting for parts. So I send a message to the person w...