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G750 Random reboots

I have owned a G750JW Best Buy unit since October of 2013 and have used it daily for several hours with no problems. Recently however, the unit has started rebooting randomly and when playing Elder Scrolls Online, it will freeze with audio stutterin...

Looking for ASUS G74SX Charger

Hey, i live in Australia and i currently have G74SX and the original charger died back in November due to a dying power jack *short circuited the charger rip*I got a new one in like December but it died like 2 months after and not even a couple days ...

Which Asus G501vw models will be sold in the U.S.?

So I see different versions of the new G501vw laptops. The thing is, I want to purchase it in the US but it seems like the only model there is the one originally offered by Bestb--. But I really want the pcie ssd + hdd combo with gtx 960 4gb vram. Wi...

How to set up Raid 0 configuration on G70JZ T4110H ?

Hi everyone im trying to figure how to setup Raid 0 interface on this laptop, im totally clueless on which hardware i need apart from a second ssd drive. This model G750JZ T4110H has an 250gb ssd and a 1.5 tb hdd obviously im going to remove the hdd ...

G56JR memory upgrade

I'm running into situations where the pre-installed 2x4 GB DDR3L-1600 memory is no longer sufficient and would like to consider upgrading the total capacity in it.Before I upgrade, I do have to ask, if the laptop also supports running DDR3L-1866 at t...

Twiggy by Level 7
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Replacement keys G750

.. I need to find some place that allows the purchase of a new keyboard deck or key tiles for the G750 model laptop.I have this weird bug in my room, it makes some damned creaking noise at night, I've never heard it before. Anyhow, it's been there fo...

Darnassus by Status Under Review
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G52VY Black Screen on Startup

Hi everyone!When I start up my G52VY sometimes even before the ROG screen I get a black screen with the backlight on.I tried to wait it out but it dididn`t seem to solve anything. However when that happens i just press the power button once and the l...