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G752VL Notebook Rebooting Issue

I recently got my G752VL gaming Notebook (laptop) in March I believe. I have been having issues with it rebooting on me on its own. At first I thought maybe it was because updating since it was new. However it is still rebooting. I play an online vi...

KamSinz by Level 7
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Hello all.Has anyone done this before and is it possible to do with ease if im happy to strip the laptop apart and put it all back together G750JS GPU UPGRADE FROM GTX870M ( old working card ) to GTX880M ( desired upgrade card )

Mojo1 by Level 7
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Power issues with ASUS G51VX

Hello -I'm having power-related issues with my Asus G51VX. For reference, I got this PC during the summer of 2009. The problems started 2 weeks ago.During low battery, I would start getting the AC MODE - BATTERY MODE prompt over and over again until ...

G75VX Headphones don't work in Windows, but Linux ok

I have a G75VX laptop with Windows 8.1 and Linux installed on it. I've had this computer a couple years now, and never had any trouble, until recently in Windows I started getting no sound when I plug in the headphones. No sound at all, from the head...

[SOLVED] G752VY issue with M.2 speed after resume from sleep

Just noticed that after resume from Sleep internal default M.2 speed drops down drastically from 2100+ to 825MB/s till your next reboot! Driver: Intel Chipset SATA RAID Controller by Intel Corporation.Drive Model: NVMe SAMSUNG MZVPV256, D...

hexaae by Level 12
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Speaker and Powering-on Problems with g752vt laptop :/

Hey guys I'm new to this.My First gaming laptop. ASUS ROG g752vti7 6700HQ2.60GHz16GB, 1TB+128GB SSD, Windows 10 GTX 970MI Only have steam and origins on here 8-9 games downloaded from both ^^like the title says, I'm getting popping noises from my spe...

G751JT - Hard lagging on 2D Games

Hi guys.I tried to play on my G751JT but it's getting laggy every 20-30 seconds for about 3-4 seconds, after that it's normal playable until it starts lagging again.Has anyone an idea how to fix that?I'm running a freshly installed full licen...

Questions About XG Station 2

1. Can I use XG2 for Asus ROG G751/752 series? I saw that this XG2 uses 2 usb type-c, and the G751/752 only has one usb type-c port.2. If I have a G751 and XG2, what kind of desktop GPU should I use in the XG2? Is it possible on laptops that, for exa...

G750, is it getting old?

I bought the G750 about a year and a half ago, it was geat but recentally i've noticed when I tilt it I occasionally hear screws and it sounds like they're rolling, also when I tough it or turn it over i ofen hear a urrrgh noise (like when a DVD tray...