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G703G Says the chargers have been unplugged

I have a question, i have the G703 laptop and I've had it for almost a year. Ive been in game and had a pop up happen saying my chargers have been unplugged & the performance dropped heavily. It resolved itself in a quick time span but im just curiou...

G701VIK, Display Errors with newest NVIDIA Drivers

Hi Guys,i have a ROG G701VIK with an GTX1080. With the newest NVIDIA Drivers (Notebook 10 Series) i have some serious graphical problems in many games.Im running an uptodate Win10, already reinstalled it but nothing helps, Older drivers before 419 di...


How to Replace G751JY AC Power Jack Port ?

So. After too many hours troubleshooting, a new battery and some tears I believe I have found the culprit of my problems. The AC IN Jack. Today my G751JY-T7373H didnt recognize the AC charger anymore, so I have no choice but to fix it. I took the la...

notebook fan control for g752vl?

Currently on notebook fan control software there are options for g752vt and vy but i don't think that they do anything? so can any body help me regarding my problem cause my cpu avg about 40C on idle and when in a game like league it is about 55C but...

G752VS Keyboard stops working when in game.

Hi GuysI am having a weird problem with my keyboard.It works fine on startup but when I am in game like 20-30 mins, it suddenly stops working, then if I unplug my mouse (razer deathadder), it starts working again.Have happened to me in Dota2 , Mafia ...

volors by Level 8
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G703GXR Linux Fan Control

I am having issues with the fan speed (too slow) in linux (ubuntu) kernels 5.6+. Ever since that kernel fans will not go past 3500rpm. These are not hwe fans so I havent seen anything to control them. Since the bios is extremely limited in this lapto...

G703GI upgrade

Hey everyoneI've seen info about this but didn't see specific details for this model (maybe the family has a similar situation?)Is there a way to upgrade the video card on this? The specs on this laptop are still outstanding... But now the video card...

Kedhrin by Level 7
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