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Why I'll never purchase another ASUS product again.

So besides buying a laptop that was and is still defective out of the box, having not been made whole during the warranty period, and being asked to pay for an update to my laptop that we all know already exists on the current hardware.When I put in...

Asoryu by Level 9
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How to PROPERLY update bios on our laptops?

Hi guys, obvious question: how to properly update BIOS on our G-series notebooks? I searched first 15pages of our wonderful forum but could not find this "simple" thing.Search function of the forum keeps popping database errors. I was maybe one click...

Keyboard Replacement for G56JR. Please help.

Hi i was wondering if someone knows how to find a replacement for that laptop. I've been looking everyewhere and i cant seem to find any keyboard replacement.The laptop model is here. My problem is not one key but the keyboard randomly stops functio...

G751JT Playback Problem

Hello everyone, I did a Windows 10 clean install on my G751JT and after that I'm getting this annoying thing where, when I'm watching videos on a browser, after certain time, it starts getting like cracked and like it's skipping, like old CDs would d...

G751JT right exhaust fan not working

Hi,So I just got my G751JT back from the service center and is looking good. However, I noticed that it is getting hot while playing some games. I check the exhaustsand it seems the right one is not producing any heat. Is the exhaust fan configurable...