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G550 laptop and flashing battery indicator after heavy games

Hello, I have about 2-3 years old g550jk laptop and it has something in battery.It works just fine, except if I play some heavy game like wow legion alpha or fallout 4, because after those games, my battery led is just flashing and its status is "xx%...

zaleo by Level 7
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ROG G752 Sound Questions

Well,im fairly new to both ROG Notebook Series and the concept of gaming laptop itself.The Forum members have helped me overcome many obstacles and i hope it will happen again ^__^.Well,the problem is the sound of the laptop.Im not sure if its suppos...

BlueEyes by Level 7
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QUESTION ABOUT m.2 ssd on ASUS ROG g751jt laptop

HelloSo my ssd that came installed when I purhcased my g751jt laptop died recently died on me. I am looking for m.2 ssd replacements. I have my eye on a SM951 ssd. I was wondering if the g751jt accepts PCIE gen 3 or gen 2 and if the laptop supports n...

G752 M.2 SSD OEM SSD are in what mode.

Ok it looks like we have found a real issue with changing out these OEM SSD in the G752's . My question to all of you owners. From the factory OEM what is the SSD. Is it AHCI or NVMe and what is the setting in your BIOSs AHCI Or NVMe or Raid?All Ad...

Clintlgm by Level 14
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DOOM (2016) Runtime/Results

I'm using the "+menu_advanced_AllowAllSettings 1" for DOOM (steam launch options) and it allows Nightmare to be selected and used for Texturing and Shadows quality settings. GPU: 980MOVERCLOCKED: 1400/6000 @ 1150mVDRIVER: 364.91 BETARES: 1080pFOV: 12...

57407 57408 57409 57403

Asus g751jl screen bezel cracked

So i wanted to play some games and went to open up my laptop and heard a pop, looked and seen the screen bezel cracked at the hinges!Is this a common issue and can it be repaired fairly easy without having to take it to a shop. im out of warranty wit...

bcasio by Level 7
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Can I Upgrade G75VW to a 860m?

Hello all I have a G75VW with a gtx 660m in it and I want to know if I can upgrade to a 860m. The 860m is a little longer but I would like to know would it work, do I need to upgrade the heat pipes and fan also, and any other input would be great

G751JY i7 4710HQ only using two cores? [solved]

I have started to notice slow CPU performance lately, and it seems I have only two cores available, while the i7 4710HQ in my laptop should have 4. CPU-Z reports 2 cores and 4 threads. Other testing software gives me results on only two cores. Any su...

bravo17 by Level 8
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