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G751jy trackpad "rising"

G751jy-wh71i7-4720/980mI opened my laptop this morning to see the top right corner of the trackpad has risen about 1mm above the shell. I lightly pressed it down and it made a slight sticking noise. Almost like the adheasive holding it in place is gi...

G752VY worst audio ever from speakers? Sonic Studio II bugs

OMG, I spent hours in configuring G751JY for a decent audio output from speakers, with good results in the end (the trick was to not touch anything and just enable MAXX Audio: MAXX Volume + MAXX Leveler, Action profile set with the classic rock-like ...

hexaae by Level 13
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Asus G75VW Not Turning On Problem

About a month ago my laptop randomly shut off and wouldn't turn on again. When I would try to turn it on the LCD lights on the front would come on, but that's it. Also there was absolutely no sound from the computer itself.Today I tried turning it on...

E-support for G750JM

Hello, please if does anyone can upload or shared a link for me to download for my G750JM E-Support was stored in my C - drive I formatted not knowing that I need it in the future. I much appreciated who does!...

bantam by Level 7
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Asus G752vy - USB 3.1 SPEED PROBLEM !

Hi,I bought an external SSD hard drive in USB C 3.1 (SAMSUNG T3 500G) and a 10GB USB3.1 CABLE. I need a fast transfert rate for work on compositing on After effect and all my internal HDD are full.I connect my new external hard drive who is supposed...

Fcome by Level 7
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G75VW Weird screen flicker & GPU behavior [help]

Hello! I have been experiencing the same screen flicker for some time now. Recently, I looked into what might be causing it, but I couldn't conclude on anything. There were some anomalies with the GPU's clock while the flickering was happening, so th...

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